Club History


Shirley & Wythall Chess Club, as it is called today, been around for more than 50 years in different guises, having started life as Solihull Lodge Chess Club in the late 1960s.  Most of the several name changes have been driven by changes in venue, or by absorbing / merging with other smaller clubs.

The following table details these name changes and venues:

Year Club Name Venue
1968 (approx) Solihull Lodge Peterbrook Primary School, Solihull Lodge
1977 Solihull Lodge The Colebrook Pub, Shirley
1999 Colebrook Shirley The Colebrook Pub, Shirley
2000 Shirley The Shirley Centre
2001 Shirley The Royal British Legion, Shirley
2002 Shirley & Lucas Wythall House
2011 Shirley & Wythall Wythall House

The club first entered a team in the Birmingham & District League in 1970-71, with a team in division 4.  This is the oldest and strongest regional league in the country, with 30 clubs more than 70 teams playing in 6 divisions, 

In 2003-04 we entered a team in the Leamington & District League for the first time, with a team in division 3.

As a club, our major triumphs to date are:

2012-13 Birmingham & District League Division One Champions

2013 Birmingham Summer League Open Champions

2007-08 Leamington & District League Division One Champions

In addition Shirley & Wythall teams have had successes in divisions 2 – 5 of the Birmingham League, and 2-4 of the Leamington League, and some successes in the various knockout Cup competitions.


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